Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 43

Another week...another silly happy painting.  Yep.  One day I'm gonna paint something dark and scary just to prove I can.  HAHA...This idea was in my sketchbook and now it's come to life.  I just love the way the birds are holding onto their hearts while others hearts are swinging in the breeze. It's how I feel about the willow tree.  There's something about those trees that remind me of swaying hearts.  Swaying hearts ready to be grabbed a hold of.

You make think I'm going a bit off the deep end...but seriously school has been making me very happy lately.  Teaching school that is.  The kids are very calm and sweet finally (even the Wednesday classes which I thought was unthinkable).  It's like they've figured out my strengths and weaknesses.  And I them.  We are bonding.  They are my little willow tree.  Hearts swaying in the wind...catching me off guard with hugs.  Taking my breath away with the beauty they create.  And calming my soul as I travel this creative life.  They give me purpose everyday as I walk through the doorway.  They've made me realize that making art is important, but teaching art is even more important.

Yep....seems my swaying hearts have been caught over and over again here at school.  And I'm pretty sure I've grabbed a few hearts myself.

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