Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 44

Week 44....Chose.  I love to paint portraits of old Mason jars.  I just line my real jars up and sketch a few compositions out.  I've a variety of shapes and sizes, and prefer the good old blue tinted ones over any other.  Actually one of my favorite paintings so far in this journey is the Mason jar one with the firefly in it. It says, "let nothing dim the light that shines within".  Not sure what week it is.  I need to go back and see.

Anyhoo, this week marks Billy and I's 17th Wedding Anniversary.  I know.  Seems unheard of this day and age.  In my own little world many of my friends didn't make it this long.  Sure, there are plenty of times I wish he would mold into the mold I imagined the perfect husband would fit into.  But honestly he's mighty fine the way he is.  He accepts me and ALL my quirks.  He really likes my ...well should I really tell you this?  Oh why not.  He likes my thunder thighs (which I hate).  He lets me be who I want to be and has allowed me to fail miserably only to be standing right there not saying "I knew this wouldn't work" but rather saying "What's next?".  We mesh pretty well with the kiddo raising.  And still manage to gross them out with our kissing sessions in the kitchen.  He is painfully moody once a month.  But I imagine I am painfully moody once a month as well.  That leaves 2 weeks of happy.  Haha...
I chose this life.  I did.  He asked.  I said yes.  There's never in my married life been a time where decisions weren't mine. Oh we've made plenty of decisions together, and compromises are a part of any marriage.  But in the end I am choosing my own path.  Whether I'm running or walking it, it's MINE.  I can not judge the path you are own, because it is the one you chose for yourself as well.  Nor should you ever let anyone choose for you.   Because people, the right to CHOSE is a GIFT.  A gift we shouldn't take for granted nor let go of.  We need to embrace our ability to choose to be happy....choose to be strong...choose to be amazing....choose to be loved....choose to be who we are destined to be.  The 3 jars represent this....jar one has 1 daisy, jar 2 has 2 daisies and the last has none.  I chose this jar because I want to fill it with my own wishes and dreams.  Daisies are my favorite flower, so it's hard to pass them up.  But ultimately the empty jar has much more potential to fulfill my dreams.  (Oh and the 3 little daisies can also represent my little family.  That I really like keeping close by.)
This is a picture of us leaving the reception and heading off into our new lives together.  I wanted sparklers, but Mom was afraid people would catch me on fire.  So we threw pink rose petals.  So sweet.  Dang...17 years.  16 of it we grew in one house.   Now we nest in a new one.  And look forward to filling the empty jar for the next 17 together.  

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  1. Beautiful post, beautiful art, congrats on 17 years together.