Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 46

"Rainy Days Can Be Fun When Shared With Friends"...Oh how true.  I've got another friend going through some serious rainy days right now.  This makes #4 in the past 3 years of dear friends going through this same rain storm.  I have a hard time wrapping my heart around it.  I guess because I simply can not imagine life without Billy and the kids.  On the flip side though, I am SO proud of them for making these tough decisions and moving on.  My mother held on for 12 long years.  It was pure hell.  Seriously.  I resent her in so many ways for staying with my Dad, not just saying GO!  Or I'm outta here.  And then we had to endure the almost 8 years of her hate and mourning.  As a married person I get her sorrow, hate and desperate need to hang on.  I do.  But as an adult child in the middle of it all it sucked the life out of me.   So in other words since I was around 18 until about 2 years ago my mother has not been an easy person to know or love.  And then there was my Dad who finally married his love and is crazy happy now.  Talk about being torn in two.  Just saying.  Not easy. 

So each time my sweet friends have told me they were leaving I seriously say, "I am proud of you."  Because being the child of a long drawn out divorce near about killed me.  Right now she just needs someone to hang out under the umbrella with her.  Help navigate the storm.  Listen when needed.  Use kind words at other times.  And every-once-in-awhile have fun.  I'm pretty good at sharing my heart.  Especially in times like these.  Last night as I crawled into bed though I was ever thankful and ever grateful that God placed Billy into my life.  I slept soundly knowing that any storm I had to ride out in an umbrella he'd be right beside me.....


  1. Love this painting and also your thoughts behind it. Everyone needs an umbrella sometime. Where would we be without them?

  2. I came across your blog in the newest edition of Artful Blogging. I absolutely live your brilliant idea of 52 canvases in your 40th year. Although I'm only quickly approaching my 38th year, you have inspired me to create my own routine for painting, drawing, and living artfully. Thank you for sharing your art and the little pieces of you that are behind the art.