Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 45

"Sometimes Love is What We Need to Reach New Heights"....my words.  I was going to stamp them onto the painting but lately I've been hesitant to add words.  There is such a trend right now to put thought provoking words onto your art.  It was certainly ALL over the mart.  In college I just remember that being the biggest NO-NO.  I suppose those professors really got into my head in regards to words and art.  As a viewer of art you should be allowed an opportunity to decide for yourself the meaning in art.  Heck, we probably wouldn't really want Vincent van Gogh putting words across his art.  Right?  But seriously, I was talking to Tiffin about this just recently how we feel pressured to place some deep thought provoking make you cry words onto our art.  When really, the art itself is such an expression on its own.  I told her I write on the back of my canvases...often a quote or an elaborate title.   Galleries have been known to giggle at some of my rather long titles.  I believe that as a viewer you should first approach a piece and enjoy it with your eyes.  Then let your thoughts mull over what the artist was thinking or trying to say, at this point letting your brain work.  And then glance at the title.  Sometimes the title makes you go, "What?"  Other times, "Ah....that's what that is."  Either way, I am finding myself running back to my art roots and not jumping on the trendy train.  I'll let you discover meaning in my art.  There is always a gentle reminder in my work.  With the underlined meaning always coming back to joy.

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