Thursday, September 6, 2012

Half-Way Through

When I started this journey in March I was super excited about the potential.  It has been an easy weekly goal to make.  And the ideas have come and gone seamlessly.  I've totally enjoyed the entire process thus far.  At about week 10 I had to figure out what to do with all the canvases as they were completed.  One thing I was not going to do is wait til the last minute to add stain to the edges, sign and add hangers.  Nope.  Not gonna be freaking out in March with 52 canvases to finish!!  Right outside my studio entrance was this thin unfinished wall.  So I started hanging them up!
If you've been to a PSW workshop you've seen the progression.  It's kind of cool to see all the canvases hanging together.  Already there are some I really do not like.  HA.  And some I am going to have a very hard time letting go of. 
Well, the wall filled and so I added one of my screens to the edge and started hanging the rest on these.  By the time March 2013 rolls around I have a  feeling all the grids are going to be up!
I love the sense of accomplishment this is giving me.  Weekly I am finding the ideas becoming more personal....the paintings more intimate.  I am also finding my thread again.  Painting regularly is giving me confidence.  And slowly they are beginning to look like a wonderful collection of tiny memories, thoughts and dreams.  I am ever grateful that God has given me this gift.  Really....I can not imagine my life without the brush.
So I look forward to the next 26 weeks...scattering a little more joy one stroke at a time!


  1. Amazing! It seems like just yesterday when you started this journey!! thank you for sharing it with us;)

  2. SO beautiful and inspiring!! I adore your style!