Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 28

Well, there it is, hiding on the back of my desk.  I started it last Sunday morning while drinking yummy peppermint hot cocoa.  And then I never came back to it.  Last night while finishing up 2 custom paintings I saw it there and just laughed at myself.  It had been staring at me all week behind the paintbrushes.  I've not missed a week yet!  And I'll be darned if week 28 didn't just fly by.  Oh well.  I'll get it painted tonight.  I think.  Homework is killing us this year with Mailey.  2 hours a night!!  Although yesterday we went to the eye doctor with her and she is literally blind in her left eye.  Now things make sense on many levels....and perhaps why it takes her hours to complete tasks.  She can't frinkin' see!!  It was a very humbling moment for me in the eye doctor's room when she was either saying letters backwards or couldn't see them at all.  And since I can literally see the bottom line on the eye chart without blinking.....it was a heart stabbing bad Momma bear moment indeed!  Thank goodness our county does eye checks on the kids in 3rd and 5th grades.  She failed Friday and by golly on Monday I had her at the doctor.  Today we pick up her glasses.  She's so excited! 

So, a week went by and a canvas went uncompleted.  But that's okay.  Some things are just more important.  It's taken me awhile to be able to say that.  It used to be that everything I did was more important.  Some call it self-centered.  I called it driven.  Now I'm driven in different ways as I mentioned on my studio blog Saturday.  So the fact that the canvas above is not complete is okay.  It'll get done, eventually.

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