Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 29

 I'd wanted to put on the painting this quote, "It's the things we share that remind us we're not alone."  I 've used the quote before, it's a fav.  But it seemed a little long, and composition wise I liked all that was already going on.  Sometimes you gotta know when to say when.  Right?  But seriously,  I do like to share a lot of myself here in blog world.  It makes me feel a part of something great.  Like a great big circle of friends right here when I need.  Anytime.  So this painting is all about symbolism.  Raining, umbrella, birds, bikes...yeah it's all there.  I could explain it all.  But rather I'd like you to get from the painting whatcha need.  It may just make you smile, it may make you go oh yeah...I need that umbrella, or it may make you want to go grab your bike and ride.  Whatever you get from my sweet, simple paintings I just want you to remember this.  They are all made with thought, love and care.  Always.
Now, I am off to take a nap.  Yesterday's run has feel like I've been run over by a truck and I'm in that first trimester of pregnancy all wound in one tight ball.   You know the trimester where you could fall asleep standing up you are so tired.  Geeeeshhhh....zzzzzzzzzzz......


  1. I love that quote, but I think you are right. Your painting is just perfect the way it is~ Love it!!

  2. It's a lovely painting..the colours are just perfect and it makes me smile x thank you for that x