Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 27

I talk alot about feelings and friends and stuff like that over on my studio blog.  Yeah....too much sometimes I think.  I simply can not help it.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and my mouth is just a flapping at all times.  I like to interject....I like to tell my stories.....I like to offer comfort by sharing.......I like to vent......I like to complain (hopefully not too much!)........but most of all I just want to be heard.  I was raised in a family that all talked.  Heck I come from a family of preachers.  You don't get away without talking with that in your blood!  You should be at a Lewis family gathering.  OOOOwwweeeeee...are we LOUD and fun!  Especially now that most all of us are old enough to enjoy Becky and John's wine cellar! 

Anyhoo....I like to make new friends.  It's like a whole new adventure.  Sharing stories that old peeps are super tired of hearing and all.  Fresh set of ears mind you.  Yeah.  Last week the little friend above, little Clementine found her way to my work.  I am just about outta my skin with excitement about her.  And although she's a new friend that really can't listen, or talk........she does represent a shift, a change in my being.

Last night while running my 5 mile train I started thinking, because what else am I supposed to do while running for an hour, right?  I started thinking that:
A.  I FINALLY feel better.  For a spell there I thought something was really wrong with me.  I had a bout of the sickies.  I don't do sick well.  Period.  I simply do not have time for that. 
B.  I am really, really loving the routine our family has found.  We need to work on together time more.  But as a unit, our schedules are much calmer.  And when Momma is happy, it just seems everything falls into place so very nicely.  Yeah.
C.  Teaching fullfils me in a way I can not place words on.  I am satisfied to a point where I come home and do not feel the need to prove myself in the studio.  To prove that I can do this show and that show and make this and make that.  Nope.  I am simply painting and creating when I want to.  And as you can see, its making my work much sweeter!
D.  Worry is less.  I am a worry wart by nature.  Talking and worrying.  I do those things well.  But lately I realized I am not as worried about the things I used to worry about.  It has a lot to do with A-C I am sure.  I was freaking out a tad about money for a few days in August.  Geesh if everything doesn't come due at once!  Plus my husband had a minor surgery in June and danged if it hasn't cost us an arm and a leg!  And they want it NOW.  Not later.  Yeah, that's been a fun to pay.  But that is leveling out too...and I'm not worrying about that anymore either. 

So anyways....the shift I was feeling a few weeks ago, well it was a good shift.  My heart, body and soul were moving into a comfy spot for a spell.  I do hope it sticks around.  I kinda like life this way.  It's good for me.  And I can tell on the outside that this new life is agreeing with me as well. 

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  1. Life can be a bit of rollercoaster ride at times,can't it!? Love your little Clementine, she is very sweet x love your art too! x thanks for sharing x