Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 27

Is it my eyes or do all the photos in tonight's blog posts look blurry?  Geesh.  I'm getting computer eyes.  No, I'm sure this is blurry.  dang.  My camera needs to be serviced.  ASAP. 

Anyhoo....Here's the painting that hid on my art desk all week.  Stared at me while I got 2 custom paintings finished.  And never said a word.  I guess it was just waiting for the perfect time to reappear and have me finish it.  No doubt.  I really love this painting   I found a tube of blue paint I'd forgotten about and went bezerk with it in this painting.  Seriously.  It's also making a huge appearance in week 28.  Seeing as how they have merged into one week and all.  I feel there needs to be a word on the bottom right hand curve of the green band.  When I find it, I'll add it.  Why not.  This may end up being the floater week painting.  hahaha...

Simple...sweet...imagery.  I'm definitely loving this groove.  See ya back later in the week.  Week 28 is almost done!

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