Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 26

As I was cleaning out the studio recently I found a vintage speller practice book.  It's one of those treasures that I'm afraid to use.  Isn't that funny?  But seriously I'm afraid to cut it up!  I love the illustrations in it and the color schemes.  Forgot to upload a pic...sorry.  One page was full of hot air balloons with spelling words in each balloon.  And it hit me.  I've not done hot air balloons!  So I set the sights this week on this idea.  And love the way it turned out.

And since I made some pretty confident decisions this week about my artsy business the words just seemed appropriate.  And you know how I love hearts.  Bikes, trucks, campers....they all get led by floaty hearts.  I puffy heart that. 
Well....week 26.  That means I'm half-way done with this journey through my 40th year.  Wow.  I'll be posting later this week a sneek peek at all the paintings.  It's a really cool sight.  So I'll see you back here this week!

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  1. Love this one - just had a flick through your blog and the project looks fab
    Good luck!